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New Fleet Complete!

Mattison Scaffolding are pleased to announce that we have completed the purchase of our new commercial fleet of HGV’s for 2021.

Mattison Scaffolding have now purchased 26 new DAF HGV’s from 7.5 tonne up to 30 tonne tractor units complete with mounted cranes. All of the vehicles conform to the new London ULEZ requirements that came into operation in March 2021. By doing so, we are helping to reduce carbon emissions and pollution in and around London.

In order to promote safety when interfacing with vulnerable road users, such as cyclists, these vehicles are DVS (Direct Vision Standard) compliant and are fitted with 150° cameras and sensors to help prevent accidents whilst manoeuvring on London’s busy roads.

Mattison Scaffolding Ltd are committed to a safer and more environmentally friendly London.

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Kingston University Expansion

Roof beams erected at ground level, ready to be lifted into position via a crane lift for residences at Kingston University!
As you can see from the photos, our team have boarded the bottom of the beams out as a working area whist erecting the scaffold purlins. Great work by our on-site teams throughout!
Whatever the size or nature of your project, you can rely on our expertise, resources and equipment to help you get the job done efficiently and safely.
We run specialist business teams to manage different kinds of projects, so you benefit from the right professional support at every stage, and a solution that’s completely aligned with your needs.

Constructionline Gold Member

Mattison Scaffolding Ltd have achieved a Constructionline Gold Membership for increased level of scrutiny and assurance.

This includes further validation checks using an enhanced prequalification questionnaire that goes beyond PAS 91. Constructionline assesses credentials for environmental management, quality management, equal opportunities, modern slavery act adherence and anti-bribery and corruption policies.

“This certifies that the member named has met pre-qualification requirements appropriate to public and private sector procurement.”

Constructionline Gold Member Mattison Scaffolding Ltd
One Million Step Challenge 2020 for Diabetes UK

One Million Step Challenge 2020 for Diabetes UK

Bob Youngs, Mattison Scaffolding Ltd’s Regional Manager for the South East region, took on the One Million Step Challenge 2020 to raise money for Diabetes UK due to a family member having diabetes.

The challenge was to get one million steps in over a period of 92 days from the beginning July to the end of September.

Bob succeeded with 1,123,313 total steps covered in the period, the equivalent of 19 Marathons!

Asbestos Scaffold Specialists

Licensed Asbestos Division Training Day

To further develop, measure and assess the competency of operatives working within a live asbestos environment, a dummy asbestos enclosure was erected with adjoining three-stage airlocks and bag-locks from tubular scaffold materials. The enclosure was fully sheeted; a viewing panel window was cut out of the sheeting; and prohibitive, mandatory and cautionary safety signage was displayed on the enclosure. Operatives practised entry/exit procedures through the three-stage airlock following prescriptive processes.

Operatives practised manually transporting scaffolding materials in and out of the enclosure, again following procedures detailed in the specific Plan of Work that had been prepared. Operatives erected and dismantled scaffolding whilst in the dummy enclosure. Whilst all operatives were in the enclosure, fire alarms were sounded, talcum powder was used to replicate gross personal asbestos contamination, a person was asked to act out fainting (unbeknown to others at the time). This was done to simulate what could happen whilst working in such a hazardous environment and the practical steps to take. The simulated training also gave Management a chance to measure the psychological and physical impact such an emergency situation may bring about, giving operatives a real-life feel to what they may encounter. All this was done whilst all operatives were donning Licensed work PPE and RPE.

The simulated training was made as close to real life as possible and gave all more of an understanding of the constricted nature of such work, measured the psychological impact and reactive procedures of operatives whilst continually improving the collective competency level through innovation.

Mattison Scaffolding Ltd Award

Mattison Scaffolding Ltd Win Supply Chain Recognition Award

"A truly collaborative approach to construction has been demonstrated by a multi-award winning Haringey Major Works Ultra Site project."

Mattison Scaffolding Ltd fulfilled a two-year contract with the London Borough of Haringey to provide over 2000 decent homes for residents.

Our team wholeheartedly embraced the Ultra Site ethos, becoming a positive force for good as a supplier on this project. Mattison registered with the Scheme and engaged its workforce from the very outset, setting up a series of initiatives to improve health and safety, welfare and respect for the community.

Grade II Listed Building Safety Inspection

A Grade II listed building due for a safety inspection. Accompanied by Mr. Bob Youngs, MSL’s South London Divisional Manager, the scope and extent of scaffolding works was a fully boarded designed scaffold to all elevations.

The independent scaffold supports a temporary roof over the entire building. Double sole boards are used to support standards on the tarmac surface. Pedestrian walkways have been maintained throughout. A Gantry scaffold was erected over a ramped access. A Dolly scaffold frame is erected either side of the ramp. Cautionary signage is clearly displayed. All fitting threads are capped. All tubes are specifically sized with no impeding protrusion. Pedestrian access and soft-wrap standard protection measures incorporated at base level, protecting third parties from inadvertent collision and trip hazards. A temporary site welfare unit has been installed on site. A site office, canteen area and toilet facility has been made available.

This project was supervised by working on-site Foreman Mr. Paul Mathews. Paul is an Advanced CISRS Card holder. Paul is also SMSTS trained. Our inspection noted that the standard of work on this project is of a very high standard. The scaffolding replicates the design drawing and is very neat and tidy, no protruding tubes or boards. It is evident that Paul has instilled a high degree of pride in his team by producing such work. Great effort has been taken to ensure no loose material is left lying around at any point, all areas are made safe at the end of each day. It is evident that a focus on the safety of others has been a significant consideration to all the team, guard-rails have been erected to safeguard others.

Very well done to Mr Youngs, Mr. Mathews and all operatives associated.

Grade II Listed Building Restoration
Contract Scaffolding Specialists
Mattison Scaffolding Ltd Award Winners

We are National Award Winners!

The Considerate Constructors Scheme’s National Site Awards recognise those sites registered with the Scheme that have raised the bar for considerate construction.

Since 1998, the Scheme has been rewarding the UK’s most considerate sites for the contribution they have made towards improving the image of construction. The Scheme looks at the measures a site has put in place to be more considerate towards local neighbourhoods and the public, the workforce, and the environment.

Mattison Scaffolding Ltd

Family Fun Day for Residents at Shackleton & Amundsen Houses

MSL’s Commercial Director, Nick Plackett, joins the Brent and Wates Family Fun Day for residents at Shackleton & Amundsen Houses. Wates and MSL worked closely on this project to refurbish the two large blocks on time, with minimal disruption.

We donated a luxury hamper to the raffle. Nick’s 8 year old son, Henry, won the hamper so we had to draw another ticket. Henry was not impressed when he had to give back the prize to be drawn again, after cries of “fix!”.

Pictured are Aruna Heyer - Senior Projects Administrator of Wates Living Space London and the Mayor of Brent, Councillor Arshad Mahmood.