Mattison Scaffolding Ltd completes the latest phase of new commercial transport fleet purchases. Equipped with cutting edge technology.

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As a market leader, we want to demonstrate the highest quality standards and follow industry best practices. As such Mattison Scaffolding Ltd operates a mixed commercial fleet of HGVs and LCVs, comprising of the latest models of DAF, CF, and LF trucks. These 26 new vehicles have been purchased directly by DAF over the last 2 years and are equipped with cutting edge technology and are Euro VI compliant with fuel efficient DAF Paccar engines. Furthermore the fleet is also DVS (Direct Vision Standard) compliant and feature cycle-friendly 150° cameras and sensors supplied by the leading companies in the industry – Brigade and Traffic Angel – to mitigate any accident with cyclists or other vulnerable road users. All of the fleet shall be replaced regularly on a 3-year cycle and we shall replace the whole fleet next in 2024.

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Mattison Scaffolding Ltd is FORS accredited and our Transport Manager is also a FORS practitioner and a Fuel and Emissions and Counter-Terrorism Champion. All of our drivers are regularly trained with FORS health and safety modules. The rigorous scheme has been audited recently and has proved once again that we are committed to improving road transport safety and fuel-efficiency at all times. Environmentally friendly driving practises are implemented across the whole company and Mattison Scaffolding Ltd have committed to exceeding government targets for electric vehicle capabilities; cars will be either full electric or hybrid by 2024 and all will be full electric by 2028. No cars shall exceed 3 years of age before being replaced. Public transport is utilised for site visits where practicable.

Mattison Scaffolding Ltd works closely with various highways departments, local authorities and traffic management companies to ensure best practices for working within the public realms.

We are proud that our accident rate has been consistently decreasing and our Operator Compliance Risk Score for the last 4 years has been in the Green band, which is considered the lowest risk level.

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