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Now hiring: Full Time Admin Assistant, Scaffolders (All Levels), Scaffolder / Drivers (Cargo Upwards), Experienced QS, HGV1 and HGV2 Drivers


T: 020 8365 0055

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Mattison Scaffolding Ltd is much more than simply a scaffolding contractor. Our specialist services span a range of skills and our standards of security, working conditions and remuneration are amongst the best in the business. With a team of some 200+ employees and a fleet of 26 HGV’s and 26 trailers based at our two acre Enfield branch, and another fleet at our Croydon branch, we have the people and resources required to win prestigious contracts across both public and private sectors. Over a period of over 40 years, we have gained a reputation for being innovative, reliable and friendly, and this is what we promise our employees.

Why not join us? Check out the jobs below:

Full Time Admin Assistant

Scaffolders (All Levels)

Scaffolder / Drivers (Cargo Upwards)

Experienced QS

HGV1 & HGV2 Drivers

Advanced Scaffold Inspector

For works in and around London, UK

Head Office: 7 Morson Rd, Enfield, London, EN3 4NQ